Early Childhood Educational Programs

Kentucky All Stars Rated Programs

Our learning center offers Kentucky All Stars quality rated educational programs. The standards to qualify for this rating include classroom and instructional quality, staff qualifications, leadership practices, and community engagement.

Infant & Toddler Program

Our Infant and Toddler Program is directed by Early Childhood Professionals who set your child's development as their main goal. Our program consists of daily activities and exercises that are developmentally appropriate. Infants and toddlers are very impressionable; our staff realizes that these are their formative years and the importance of development during this time. Our Infant & Toddler Early Childhood Professionals are dedicated to making your child's formative years productive, fun, and enjoyable!

Preschool Program

Like all of our programs, the main goal of the Preschool program is helping your child develop mentally, physically, socially and academically. Our Preschoolers day consists of stimulating lessons, fun and challenging activities, and playtime outdoors! The Early Childhood Professionals in our Preschool program provide your child with lessons/activities that increase child creativity and make learning fun! We are determined to have our Preschoolers prepared for kindergarten by the time they leave!
Pre shool learning shapes— daycare in Lexington, KY

After School Program

Our After School program is the perfect opportunity for your child to learn while having fun after school. Children in our After School program have time to finish homework assigned to them before they even get home. If they aren't doing homework they are given fun activities that promote learning! The Early Childhood Professionals in our After School program are equipped to help children with school work and even advance their understanding of what they're learning!

Transportation Drop-Off and Pick-Up

We have qualified drivers that can pick up your child from home or school and drop-off back at home for your convenience. Our drivers also transport the children to field trips during our summer programs.